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1. The brokerage contract between the customer and us comes about either through a written agreement or through the use of our brokerage activities on the basis of or with knowledge of the commission claim incurred for the successful brokerage/verification activity. If nothing else arises from the circumstances or deviating agreements, the contract has a term of six months and is automatically extended by a further month, unless one of the contracting parties has given notice of termination one month before the end of the contract.

2. Our mediation and/or verification activities are based on the information provided to us by our contractual partners or other persons authorized to provide information. No liability is assumed for this. Errors and/or prior sale or rental remain reserved.

3. If there is no conflict of interest, we are entitled to work for the other party to the main contract on a commission basis.

4. If, through our mediation and/or verification activities, a rental contract is concluded between the parties to the main contract for the contract object instead of the originally intended purchase contract or vice versa, this does not affect the commission claim. The usual brokerage fee within the meaning of Section 653 (2) of the German Civil Code is then deemed to be owed.

5. If the customer knows the contract opportunity regarding the offered contract object and the contractual readiness of the other contractual part of the main contract (prior knowledge) at the conclusion of the brokerage contract or if he obtains this knowledge from a third party during the term of the brokerage contract, he must inform us immediately.

6. Our property exposés, the property/contract-related information provided by us and our entire mediation and/or verification activity is or are intended exclusively for the customer(s) addressed in each case as the recipient. The customer is obliged to treat the information pp. confidentially after the conclusion of the brokerage contract and not to pass it on to third parties. If the customer culpably violates this, he is liable to us for damages if the success of our mediation and/or verification activities does not occur as a result. If the main contract is concluded with a third party as a result of the unauthorized disclosure of information, the customer is liable to us for payment of the lost commission.

7. The commission claim is due within the meaning of Section 652 (1) BGB upon conclusion of the effective main contract if the main contract is based on our contractual verification/brokerage activity. The customer is obliged to inform us immediately when, for what fee and with which parties the main contract was concluded. The obligation to provide information is not affected by the fact that the main contract is subject to a condition precedent and this has not yet occurred.

8. The customer may only assert rights of retention or set-off against our commission claim if the customer's claims are based on the same contractual relationship (brokerage contract) or if other claims are undisputed or legally binding.

9. We do not participate in dispute settlement procedures before a consumer arbitration board.

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